Design Center

Ashburn Homes’ selection center is where you make our amazing home plans your customized dream home. We want you to move into a home personalized to your unique needs and individual style.  We offer a wide range of customization and upgrade options for all of our homebuyers to achieve that goal.

When your realtor or sales person welcomes you to our selection center, you are starting with one of Ashburn Homes’ fantastic home plans as a blank canvas. As you are guided through the selection center, you get to paint your life style on our floorplan and make it your own.

Your new home is a major investment in your daily comfort and your family’s future. Ashburn Homes offers 100s of customizable and upgradeable features for your home plan, and can gladly makes any changes to your plan, features, fixtures, and finishes you want. No change is too big. We can even make structural changes to your home. We build whatever you desire.

 Your trip to the selection center is an exciting time during the construction process. You get the chance to go through all the beautiful options that you could include in your new home. You can make the fun design choices for your home, and watch as your beautiful new home starts to come together. Our helpful selection center staff is just as excited as you are to help make your dream home a reality.