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Build On Your Lot


If You’ve Got The Homesite, We’ve Got The Home.

There are many rewards – and challenges – to building a home on the site of your choice. You can trust Ashburn Homes to help you every step of the way.

We have home-only packages that feature innovative designs, plenty of choices, incomparable value, customer-friendly processes, and unwavering dependability.

We have extensive experience building homes on individual homesites, and will meet with you to address the unique variables of your site, such as local codes, availability of public utilities, soil conditions, etc. Additionally, each of our homes is built “on paper” before it gets built in the field, ensuring a finished product that fulfills your vision. All of that, combined with the reassurance of having the homesite you love, means that Ashburn Homes is the obvious choice for your new home. 

For more information or to schedule a consultation for a custom quote, please contact one of our sales consultants: 

Marcus Rush- (302) 526-0902
Dan Sander - (302) 245-7426
Ashburn Homes Main Office - (302) 677-1940


Effective April 15, 2019
Excavation Budget of $4,000

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